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Written by Leah Schapira on Wednesday, 18 December 2013. Posted in Food Mood

No- Mixer Recipes

While I love cooking and baking (but prefer cooking), I don't love cleaning up. One year, my friend Chaya shared with me that she has an aversion to her mixer. She claimed that she hates pulling it out and cleaning up all those parts. And then I got the no mixer itch. I don't either want to wash up a bowl, beaters, bowl cover…and so I began collecting my favorite no-mixer recipes.
It's been a couple of years since that conversation and I've pulled out my mixer many, many times. But every so often the thought comes back: What can I bake quickly without a mess? Hence no mixer. No mixer recipes can all be mixed together in a medium-sized bowl. No dragging large bulky mixers. No major washing up to do. 
This newest recipe on cookkosher is the ultimate no-mixer chocolate chip cookie recipe. It’s super simple and the cookies were fabulous. 
As with most no-mixer recipes, you usually can't double the recipe. These recipes also usually don’t work when using a mixer. 
With my handy recipe book next to me, aka Cookkosher.com on my iPhone, I added the ingredients according to the directions. 
(Did you know you can actual log in to Cookkosher.com from your phone and add a photo from your Photostream? Isn't that cool? I love seeing pictures of food. If you’ve tried a recipe, the greatest appreciation you can give our members is a review with a photo.) 
A medium-sized ice cream scooper makes the job quick and mess free. 
Instead of using only chocolate chips, I mixed half chocolate chips and half chunks from good quality bar of chocolate. Mmm...Those chunks of chocolate really are addictive. 
Bake and let cool. 
To view and print the recipe click here.
Looking for more no mixer recipe ideas?
How about no mixer brownies?
Do you have any favorite no mixer recipes to share? Tell us about it. 

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