Our Favorites: Kosherfest 2013

Written by Cook Kosher on Wednesday, 30 October 2013. Posted in Food News

This year’s Kosherfest was exciting as ever. 
This picture represents the people talking, walking, and bumping into each other. The smell in the air is a mixture of everything: fryers, ice cream, coffee, and candy. All in all, Kosherfest is a great day of meeting people, learning about new products, and complaining about feet that hurt. 
And, once again, we're showing you the top 10 Kosherfest items that we found interesting. 
The real stuff! Corn tortillas that taste great when they’re baked, and of course, even better when they’re fried. They also offer bags of baked seasoned tortillas called Tostadas that are only 100 calories per bag!
2- Light Greek Yogurt by Normans
We mentioned last year about the first Chalav Yisroel Greek Yogurt by Normans. Well, they are back this year with a light flavored yogurts that are 100 calories each. You can even have your coffee together with the yogurt. 
Your baking sheets will never get mixed up again. Clearly embossed with Dairy, Meat, or Pareve, the baking sheets also are edged with color so you can tell them apart at a glance. They also showcased silicon Dreidel Muffin pans that are perfect for Chanukah. Check out The Kosher Cooks prizes we are giving away this week.
5-6 Pizza with Masbia and Macabee
Let's talk about pizza. This year’s most popular innovation where these pizza cones by Masbia. Looks like a great party food. Maccabee also debuted their pizza slices. We've always been a fan of their pizza bagels.
First Choice Baby Food debuted chicken and turkey with vegetables in jars. I'm sure babies are rejoicing. Now they can have their protein and eat it too. 
8 Gourmet to Go
When traveling, kosher consumers are often stuck eating crackers with tuna out of a can. These new meals from Gourmet to Go offer a heating pack to warm up the food. No need for microwaves, hot water, or anything else. 
9  Finchi’s Chocolate Mousse
There are many great desserts and ice creams at the Kosherfest, but only one won an award as the best new Kosher for Passover product. It’s really creamy and rich and we don't think you need to wait until Passover to taste this. 
Pas Yisroel brand impressed us last year, and this year they’ve added two new things we need: 100% whole wheat wraps and pas yisroel potato buns. Lots of lunches and barbecues will be different this year. 
Don’t leave yet. 
This product wasn’t featured at the Kosherfest but a fan from Israel shared it with us: Pizza-flavored ketchup. Use it for dipping French fries or add it inside a grilled cheese sandwich. Let’s hope it doesn’t go the way of green ketchup (for those of you who remember that!)
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  • ruthy
    30 October 2013 at 20:42 |

    great list. you included many of the memorable booths.

  • dolly1
    12 November 2013 at 21:34 |

    mmmmmmm... getting hungry! would love to taste a pizza cone!

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