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With the temperatures rising and sun shining, it’s the perfect time to give the ovens a rest and serve dinner in a wrap. With a whole wheat grain, protein, and veggies in one dish, it’s a one-dish dinner that everyone loves.
It's easy. 
First, prepare your ingredients. In addition to your protein, always keep in mind that the perfect wrap will almost always include something creamy and something crunchy. Creamy means mayo, a creamy dressing, or guacamole...crunchy means lettuce, cucumbers, or raw onion. 
Layer all your ingredients on the bottom-center of the wrap. Fold in both sides towards the center, fold the bottom up over the filling, and tightly wrap the wrap starting from the bottom and rolling up. 
Slice on the diagonal and enjoy. 
If you wish you can wrap the wrap tightly with parchment paper and then slice. It makes it easier to transport it and less of mess when you eat it. 
Family-Friendly Idea:
Place all the wrap components in separate dishes on the table and let everyone choose their own ingredients and roll up their own wrap. The kids won’t have such tight wraps, but they’ll definitely be proud that they prepared their own sandwich. 
Featured Sandwiches:
Mayonnaise, Tuna, Lettuce and Peppers
Creamy Mayo dressing, lettuce, peppers, avocado and red onion. 
Hummus, lettuce, hot pastrami, sautéed onions and russian dressing
Need more ideas?
CookKosher members from all over the world have posted some fabulous dinners in a wrap. Make it, review it and post your own version. 

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