Mishloach Manot Ideas III

Written by Cook Kosher on Monday, 04 February 2013. Posted in Food on the Go

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It's all in a box

Easy transporting can still be elegant. Choose a bright colored ribbon to tie it all together.


Plate it!
There’s no need to buy expensive boxes when you can use disposable plates. 
Snack on it.
The perfect snack for the most hectic day of the year. Make your own homemade granola, place it in a jar with some yogurts for a fresh treat that anyone would appreciate before the meal is served. 
Mix it
Why bake it for them? Add a jug of homemade chocolate mix and now they can enjoy fresh baked cookies whenever they want. (Note: it's not a complete halachic Mishloach Manot unless an additional item is added.)
Color it
Sometimes it's all about the choosing one color to make an impact.
Transport them
Your gift can transport them to cities all over the world. Some salted pumpkin seeds and Yerushalmi kugel will make them feel right at home in Jerusalem. 
Jewish comfort food
I know it's hard to believe but the gefilte fish is a cookie. You either think it's ingenious or really not your style. But it makes a statement. By the way, the horseradish is made of Craisins.
Frame it
Pardon the pun, but this mishloach manos giver had her kids dressed up as prisoners. With their photo inside a foam frame, they really were “framed.” Black and white cookies completed the prisoner theme. 
Bells and Bows
It’s all in how you wrap it. 
There were many more amazing and creative Mishloach Manos that were delivered to my door, but there were only so many I could photograph before my children opened ‘em up to enjoy the goodies. 
Some of these photos were sent in by CookKosher.com members. Please send in yours so that it can be included in next year’s round up!

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