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Written by Foodie on Thursday, 31 January 2013. Posted in Food Mood

You know that special dish, the one you place on your table with so much pride? The one you share with all your friends? Did you ever dream of how it would look professionally styled and photographed?
Now’s your chance!
Great recipe ideas don’t have to always come from recipe developers, food writers, or chefs. You have great ideas too, and we want to showcase the creations that come from your kitchen.
We’re on the hunt for the best ideas on CookKosher.com. Every week, we’ll pick one recipe that we love. We’ll have our team of professionals cook, style, and shoot it. Then, we’ll show it off here. 
This week, we’re showing off Caramel Popcorn by member fdanields.
Why did I love fdanields’s popcorn? Growing up, I waited for winter days. Sunday afternoons and winter break meant my father would pull out my mother’s largest pot and we would pop fresh popcorn.
Today, my pots have a clear lid and the fun of popping popcorn has gotten even better. My kids chant, "Popcorn pop...popcorn pop!" as they watch the kernels jump up and hit the lid. I really believe that this love and excitement yields us the best popcorn on the block, or maybe our city! 
Member fdanields posted lots of kid-friendly recipes such as Rum Balls, Hamburger Skillet, and Cheerios Jumbo Breakfast (this one is on my to try list ASAP!) Check out all her recipes in her virtual Cookkosher Kitchen. 
Caramel popcorn is the perfect winter treat and with Purim coming up it makes a great mishloach manos. Place the popcorn in a box or container.
Add a drink, wrap with a bow and your recipients will be enjoying their homemade snack all day long.
Check out the full recipe for caramel popcorn, or enjoy these other fun popcorn ideas.

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