Rosh Hashanah Menu Ideas

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Rosh Hashana starts this year on Wednesday night. With a three day holiday (including Shabat) there is lots to prepare and cook. is here to help. We can't cook or clean for you (yet ;) but we can try to help you get your ideas flowing, menu's written and help you cook the most amazing dishes. 


If you missed it:



Start with your table- setting








Bake and braid your challah round.






Deseed your pomegranate without splattering pomegranate juice all over. 







Prepare your simanim.







Bake with apples and more apples





And here are our top 15 Rosh Hashanah recipe ideas to add to your menu:


My Mom's Easy Brisket Recipe

Minute Steak

Teriyaki Salmon

Saute'd Liver

Honey Mustard Drumsticks

Crispy Tangy Chicken

Stir Fry Schets

Blueberry Apple Kugel

Salmon Salad

Pecan Salmon

Apple Pecan Lettuce Salad

Honey Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Red Onion

Apple Custard Cupcakes

Honey Lokshen Kugel 

Cranberry squash Apple Bake



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