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Written by Sarah Perl on Friday, 26 August 2011. Posted in Food on the Go


As a kid, Jeffrey Striks remembers going to ball games and feeling like a second class citizen. There was no kosher food and the stadium; and he was the only kid at the game without a hot dog. Today, things are different. When he started off with Strikly Kosher, 12 years ago, he thought to himself, why should the Jewish Kids feel like two cents- when they have no kosher food to eat at the game? Now there is Kosher food at the stadium; and it’s all Glatt Kosher and done properly, with at least one Mashgiach at each of the stands.

Currently there are four kosher food stands in the Meadowlands, and four in Yankee Stadium. “And,” adds Jeffrey, “we have plans to expand big time!” Additionally, Jeffrey does the catering for the Kosher events at the Meadowlands.

The customers that frequent Jeffrey’s stands are a unique combination of Jews and non Jews alike. During the seventh inning stretch there is a minyan at one of the stands. A commotion is never made out of the minyanim; they are done in an orderly manner where everyone is respectful and tolerant of each other, despite their differences.

Jeffrey ensures that his ‘kosher’ food stands make a fine impression. All of his stands are kept in immaculate condition; never is a thing out of place. He is sure to provide fresh and delicious food, and keep things running smoothly. In the beginning, the Yankees, who set the menu and prices, limited Jeffrey’s menu to hot dogs and Knishes; but over the years they have allowed him to expand to chicken nuggets and hot pretzels, as well. He always tell the guys that work at his stands to be nice and pleasant to all of our customers- and they always are.

So what’s it like working at Yankee Stadium?

“[It’s] a lively place,” says Jeffrey, “[I get to] meet people from every part of life… It’s a fun happening place!”

Food has always been an integral part of the ball game atmosphere- and Jeffrey is happy to provide kosher food, as well.

*The photographs were taken exclusively for with the consent of the New York Yankees. The author would like to thank Jeffrey Striks of Strikly Kosherand the New York Yankees.


Here is how to make a Strikly Kosher Hot Dog:

Step 1- Boil the hot dog

Step 2- When the hotdogs are done, they'll be floating to the top of the water.

Step 3- Remove from water and place in a pan with your favorite BBQ
Sauce (Strikly Kosher's favorite is Jack Daniel's Original).

Step 4- Put on BBQ on a low flame, 5 minutes on each side (until it is
to your liking) OMG!

This works better with the Strikly Kosher Hot dogs ;)

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