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Written by Cook Kosher on Sunday, 25 September 2011. Posted in News Updates

Our winners are-

busyworkingmom - Enlitened Cooking

Malk - Kosher Elegance

Les - Silver Spoon

Please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to claim your prizes

Due to the adverse weather, many people couldn't join in our contest and we've decided to extend the date to enter recipes until September 19.  Go ahead and post your recipes. You can still win cookbooks!

My neighbor has a flea market addiction. Every Sunday I'm bound to walk out of my house and find a piece of furniture on her driveway. If it's not furniture, it's bikes, toys or books. As much I'm tempted to join her to find bargains, the 6 am wake up keeps me from joining (the best deals are in the morning).


One day she brought home a piece of furniture for her dining room. As she opened the draw to clean it up, she noticed a newspaper. 


Not just any newspaper, a newspaper from 1932.

I heard about her find in the find, and I headed over to check out the newspaper. In 2011 the first thing I do when I open any newspaper or magazine is I look for recipes. (Come on, admit it , you do it too :)  And out of habit I started looking. Low and behold there were recipes.

A sample recipe: Onion stuffing (fine for chicken or duck): Put six medium-sized peeled onions through the food grinder, then put this chopped vegetables over the fire with barely enough boiling water to cover, and let simmer 8 minutes. Do not drain off the water. Instead, stir one- half butter into the parboiled chopped onion and when melted, add two teaspoons of "poultry seasoning" (sold at all grocers in small packages), four cups of soft white bread crumbs and enough salt and pepper to suit individual liking. 

Looks like not much has changed from 1932. Granted today's recipes are more sophisticated, may include newer ingredients and electrical equipment. But the basis is the same. Decades pass and people are still looking for new recipes, new ideas and there never seems to be a shortage of recipes. 

Let's get to it - Want to win cookbooks with lots of new recipe ideas? 

We'll be giving away three cookbooks, that means three winners will each win one cookbook. 

All you need to do is add recipes to our website. Sign in and click add recipe. We'll be holding track of every recipe added from today until September 2. Every recipe is an additional chance to win one of the cookbooks. We'll first pick the winner of Kosher Elegance, the second Enlightened Kosher Cooking and the third winner will win the Silver Spoon

All cookbook are sponsored by Feldheim Publishers

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