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summer suppers on 07/02/2014 13:05
Please share your recipes that you make in the summer for supper. Recipes that are easy to prepare and nutritious that won't keep u long in the kitchen on hot days and the kids won't complain about. Myfavorites are grilled chicken with salad, pizza swirls w/ various fillings, fruit soups and smoothies. Can't wait to hear what's yours. Thanks for sharing!
Re:Freezing Food for Yom Tov on 09/08/2012 22:26
Chicken soup without the vegetables freeze well and all forms of crumbles and pies. Desserts are great to prepare in advance and it freezes well. I also like to prepare apple/fruit compotes and blend them before freezing.
Re:Freezing Food for Yom Tov on 09/07/2012 12:56
I find that all meats, pureed soups and kugels all freeze very well. Some side dishes that freeze well are orzo with vegetables, anything in dough like: Deli Rugelach #453 Squash Muffins or any vegetables muffins http://www.cookkosher.com/index.php?option=com_repsearch&area=1&type=1&sort=4&meat=on&milk=on&parve=on&time=9999&level=&cetegories_string=&search_string=muffins&page=0&in_members=&ex_members=&favs=0&favuser=&mine=&seeall=&subLevel1=&subLevel2=&in_ing=&ex_ing=
Re:Summer suppers ideas? on 06/17/2012 19:54
Thanks for the ideas. No special diet, just wanting inspiration, I get tired of my same ol' and in the winter the way I deal with that is by trying different soups all the time. I do try to stay away from super unhealthy things like over-processed foods (hot dogs, salami) and too much sugar. I'd rather stay away from egg-heavy suppers, though, because my husband and daughter tend to breakfast on eggs. No cholesterol problems yet B"H but I don't want any either. Doesn't stir fry make you hot standing over the pan the whole time? Maybe I do it wrong... Falafel is one of my favorites! A pain to make but if I do a big batch I find it freezes well and I can just pop a few in the toaster oven when we're ready for it. Do you have a favorite recipe? I have a recipe just always shopping for more.
Re:Summer suppers ideas? on 06/14/2012 23:26
Not a fan of cold soups either. So many ideas you can do. Stir fry/lomien Pancakes/ waffles Eggs Paninis Salads - you can add turkey which isn't expensive Falafel - falafel batter can be frozen Is your problem for diet reasons or you don't have dinner ideas?
Summer suppers ideas? on 06/14/2012 22:53
(incidentally, I couldn't figure out what forum to put this in. Maybe we should have a "menus" topic? Admin?) I am a soup lover. All Fall/Winter I love making soups, a rich and hearty one can be the main dish for supper, a lighter one would pair with one other dish and I'm done. I love to make them big and have lots of leftovers and go dunking back in for more, plus freeze containers and have an instant supper the next week. But in the summer people are just not in the mood for soup so often. Once in a while, OK, but I can't do three different soups in one week anymore. I have never yet met a cold soup I like. It is just NOT the same thing at all. So that's not the answer. Any suggestions to get me through the summer? Besides my boring repertoire of macaroni, pizza, one fleishig a week (not boring but only once a week, not budgeting meat twice)
Re:cream of chicken soup on 03/22/2012 09:29
I'm not sure what kind of soup you're talking about; I think we go to different chassunas. I've been making Pam Reiss's Chicken Satay soup. It's a little different and really delicious--not exactly creamy, though. She has a soup cookbook where I got the recipe, but you could try googling it to see if she has a website with recipes.
Re:cream of chicken soup on 03/12/2012 09:04
I'm talking out my hind end here, and I will have to test this, but if it were me, I imagine you are serving this with a meat meal, right? So I personally would make a batch of Thomas Keller's chicken stock (recipe in The French Laundry Cookbook) and incorporate silken tofu. I don't know how tofu holds up to heat, yet. I know it worked in my desserts in place of cream. I also know that in Japanese cuisine I have seen it used in warm and hot soups. You might want to look into that venue, and it should keep everything kosher.
Re:First Pesach Panic!!! on 03/11/2012 19:41
Wow that a lot of work to do it all in one year. First thing, you don't need more than 4 pots - a skillet, a large soup pot, a saucepot and a low covered pot. You can also invest in a grill pan, which makes for great grilled chicken. One thing I wouldn't skip on is a food processor, from potato kugel, to cucumber salad, so many things need a food processor. I would go through the recipes you like eating all year round and see what can be cooked on pesach. Also, do you used processed ingredients or do you have to make everything yourself?
Re:onion soup mix- msg on 03/06/2012 20:40
It still probably has more salt and sugar than you would normally choose to consume, but for those recipes where I really want the onion soup mix (and usually those are the times when I don't have the patience to make it from scratch) I found that Osem makes a mix that has no MSG. However they also make one with MSG and strangely, the packaging looks exactly the same. You'd think they'd advertise "No MSG" but what you need to do is go read the ingredients, it's the only place where the difference is apparent on the package.
ISO Recipe for Rolls on 03/01/2012 18:32
I wanted to make fresh rolls for my purim seudah. Something that will go well with mushroom barley soup. Any ideas?
Re:What are you cooking/baking to break the fast? on 02/28/2012 09:34

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