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Easy, and delicious.

Reviewed by cg_gunswife
March 07, 2012

I have always been intimidated by making babka. However, this recipe was easy. Turned out great. I don't know if it is my oven - but they were definitely done at 50 minutes (probably could have taken them out a few minutes earlier). After cooling them, I sliced open one loaf to make sure all was well. It looked and smelled heavenly. The kids declared it delicious, and a smashing success.

Reviewed by smartcookie
February 26, 2012

Made these today. Smooth dough, great to work with.


Yummy and quite easy. Might never buy babka again.

Reviewed by lisamichal
November 18, 2011

Friday night dessert and perfect with coffee on Shabbat morning.

1. I used Hershey's Special Dark Cocoa for extra decadence.
2. Didn't bother measuring the flour. Just added it until I got a nice bread consistency (with kneading).
3. Had a lot of topping left over, and it doesn't add much to the overall effect. Next time I might skip it entirely and drizzle a vanilla glaze on top, instead.
4. Over cooked it a little bit, but I was afraid of under-cooking.
5. "coffee" means instant coffee granules.
6. Made 1 loaf and filled a round pan with the rest, for one big babka. I would like to experiment with making a "pull-apart" version, next time, slicing the rolls and arranging them in the pan.


Our new family favorite

Reviewed by Diet
June 26, 2011

A huge hit in our family. I serve one and freeze the other two for other times. Thanks !

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