A great center piece. The iced cake cannot be frozen as the colours of the icing run on the cake when it defrosts. I use the brownie cake (Recipe #2372).

    1 cake







  • Doctor

  • Doctor


  • 1 (9x13 Brownie Cake

  • 1 kg Ready Rolled Icing

  • 1 cup cooled boiled strawberry jam

  • - Black icing

  • - Coloured icing

  • - String

  1. Remove the brownie cake from the 9x13 pan. Place on a large baking sheet. Cut off the top layer of cake to form a flat even shaped cake. Cut a V shape out from the top end of the cake to form a Tzizit shape.

  2. Use a knife to thinly cover the cake with cooled boiled jam.

  3. Remove rolled icing from box. Unroll icing disc. Carefully fold disc in half around your rolling pin. Holding the ends, lift the disc placing it over the centre of the cake. If 2 seperate peices of rolled icing are used make sure to align them very well so no part of the cake is showing.

  4. Smooth the icing over the top of the cake and carefully pull out folds while smoothing down sides. Make sure the entire cake is covered, including the cut out V shape.

  5. Trim off excess around the bottom of the cake with a sharp knife to give a smooth finish.

  6. With the extra peices of icing, cut out 2 flaps for the tzizit and 2 squares to place in the 2 bottom corners.

  7. Roll out black coloured icing into a long strip. cut into 2 thin strips and place on cake above the corner squares.

  8. Using different coloured icing and Aleph Beis cookie cutters form your sons name and place on icing. Use a drop of water to moisten underneath the letters so that they will stay in place.

  9. Tie string into a knot at top and place on corners.




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