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I love to cook, cook, cook, which is a good thing seeing as how I'm one in a family of eight! My favorite things to do are: Baking sweet things, eating those sweet things, Run long-distance races, teach myself about anything I can get my hands on, and play with little children!
I am the oldest of six children (three girls and three boys), I'm homeschooled, live on a farm that has LOTS of animals, and my family and I are Torah-observant and try our best to follow Hashem's ways. I also currently have my two little 6 and 4 yo brothers in-training to be chefs one day. They told me very enthusiasticlly one day, "Abby, you should make chocolate-filled gnocchi balls!", while they were playing in the mud! =)
I LIVE IN Eagle River, WI United States FAVORITE FOOD Extra Virgin Olive Oil on Homemade Bread MY SPECIALTY Coming up with weird food combinations. MY HOBBIES Cooking, Running, and Learning WEBSITE http://





  • Re:Promotions & giveaways I was one of the first 100 responders in the comments section of the pashmina giveaway earlier this April like I was supposed to, too, and I didn't receive my pashmina either. Why not?
  • Reporting A Member How do I report a member? There is somebody on here who created a profile that has NOTHING to do with cooking at all, and is highly inappropriate.
  • Re:Favorite Brands Mayo: Dukes (Theirs doesn't taste like ANYBODY elses!) Peanut Butter: Trader Joes (tastes nuttier, richer, toastier, and healthier, (if that's possible) unlike Smucker's.) Cheese: Cabot Extra Sharp Cheddar (I love this cheese more than anything!) Chocolate Bars: Endangered Species (My mother, ...
  • Re:Non cooking dinner ideas? PB&J sandwiches. Cna't get much simpler. ;)
  • Re:Can we get automatic emails when someone replies? I agree. It would be nice if we had that option.
  • Re:Raisin Bread/Challah Well in our family, we just seperate our challah dough into six pieces, roll each piece into long ropes, put a slit down the middle of each rope, and fill each slit with raisins. Then we pinch the slits together, and continue shaping it into a loaf. You could also just mix raisins into the dough ...
  • Re:Dry yeast for fresh yeast I think that helps. Is it yeast that just hasn't been dehydrated yet?
  • Re:Plating Ideas? I agree with you Smartcookie. I usually match brown, beige, or white foods with colorful spices, opposite/brightly-colored vegetables or fruit, and herbs. For example: I put fried eggs on a sice of bread, and garnish with dots of hot sauce or some red pepper flakes and a sprig of fresh herbs. Pot...
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