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I love science and I am a designer who loves art. Somehow cooking seems to be a combination of the two. I am one of those people who actually tries to understand the way yeast will interact chemically and who weighs all the ingredients. To me method, presentation, and texture are all as important as taste. I am also a pizzaholic and obsess about the best way to make it.
I LIVE IN Jerusalem Israel FAVORITE FOOD Pizza MY SPECIALTY Pizza MY HOBBIES WEBSITE http://www.racheladlerdesign.com





  • Re:Freezing Food for Yom Tov I always freeze meat. I love recooking meat until it really caramelizes!
  • Re:Vegetarian Shabbos Meal I ended up cooking my normal shabbos meal but supplemented it with other food. I made angel hair pasta salad , coo...
  • Vegetarian Shabbos Meal I am having a vegetarian for shabbos who also doesn't eat fish. What sort of food can I make?
  • Re:easy dietetic recipes Chicken Fajitas is really my favorite diet food. It's quick fried so it doesn't need oil. I dump the chicken into a bowl of lettuce and add a bit of low fat dressing and some low fat croutons (I just toast a slice of bread) add all sorts of vegetables and it is a low fat chicken sa...
  • Re:9 days menu! I am making my Fried Tilapia they go really well together, top it off with a soup and some garlic bread and it's a great supper. I am planning to make bagels, pizza, lasagna and Falafel.
  • Re:What are you cooking/baking to break the fast? I am making the usual: Homemade pizza! I will invite my brother in yeshivah because like me he thinks the only way to break a fast is on Pizza. I will make a tomato soup for my husband and use some of the dough to make focaccia (just spread crushed garlic in olive oil, spice with italian seasonin...
  • Re:is the administrator Marina from Imamother.com???? It is a good avatar for a administrator, wise old Dumbledore.
  • Re:Dslr I would choose Canon. I have been using canon for years so I Just naturally would go for them. When it comes to pocket cameras Canon is a definite but with DSLRs it is really split.
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