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How to Search by Recipe Number?   by smartcookie on 03/13/2012 09:23
How to Link to a Recipe?   by Dumbledore [Admin] on 02/07/2011 11:46
  Subject :How to link a recipe in the forums
12/30/2010 21:48 
LeahS [Admin]
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When posting a recipe in the forum the easiest way is by linking it.

You can reply to a topic two ways:
1. Quick reply - on the bottom of the last post.
2. Post Reply - which is right on top of the first post in the topic.

In post reply there is a green cookkosher icon (right next to the underline button) when you click the icon, a "pop up" will show. Type the recipe number in the box and close.
Example: if you enter in 678 it will show up as Recipe #678.

Simple and easy.
Now its easier for members to go directly to the recipe that you are discussing.

Have fun!
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