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  Subject :Raisin Bread/Challah
03/06/2012 17:15 
Joined: 12/14/2010 20:55
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My grandparents always bought raisin challah for our Purim seuda, and I have such wonderful memories from it. I'd love to make it this year. Does anyone have a good recipe for it?
  Subject :Re:Raisin Bread/Challah
03/08/2012 11:36 
Joined: 12/27/2011 20:17
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Well in our family, we just seperate our challah dough into six pieces, roll each piece into long ropes, put a slit down the middle of each rope, and fill each slit with raisins. Then we pinch the slits together, and continue shaping it into a loaf. You could also just mix raisins into the dough at the end of mixing to keep the raisins from falling apart. Same basic idea.
  Subject :Re:Raisin Bread/Challah
03/08/2012 12:32 
Joined: 12/19/2010 15:33
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We just mix the raisins Into the dough.
  Subject :Re:Raisin Bread/Challah
03/08/2012 17:47 
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Thank so much! I mixed it into the dough at the end and kneaded it for an extra min. They came out great, soft, fluffy challos. I glazed them with egg white and sprinkled a bit of sugar and colourful sprinkles. A real hit with the kids.
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