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  Subject :cream of chicken soup
02/26/2012 15:16 
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I need a delicious, thick, cream of chicken soup like the ones served at weddings. With and without creamer. I'd like to compare some different recipes. Thanks.
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  Subject :Re:cream of chicken soup
03/12/2012 09:04 
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I'm talking out my hind end here, and I will have to test this, but if it were me, I imagine you are serving this with a meat meal, right? So I personally would make a batch of Thomas Keller's chicken stock (recipe in The French Laundry Cookbook) and incorporate silken tofu.

I don't know how tofu holds up to heat, yet. I know it worked in my desserts in place of cream. I also know that in Japanese cuisine I have seen it used in warm and hot soups. You might want to look into that venue, and it should keep everything kosher.
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  Subject :Re:cream of chicken soup
03/22/2012 09:29 
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I'm not sure what kind of soup you're talking about; I think we go to different chassunas. I've been making Pam Reiss's Chicken Satay soup. It's a little different and really delicious--not exactly creamy, though. She has a soup cookbook where I got the recipe, but you could try googling it to see if she has a website with recipes.
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