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  Subject :Roizy's Famous Kokosh-dough
10/12/2014 21:59 
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This question is for esteek or anyone who has made this recipe.

This recipe sounds, and looks great. I see from the comments listed that several people have made it. However, I am a little confused about the quantity of the dough to use for each cake. Obviously, with 5 pounds of flour, the recipe makes a lot of dough.

The confusing part is this: In Step 7 of the instructions it says it takes one quarter of the dough to make the cake in the photo. Then later, in Step 12, Tip 4, bakers are told that the dough can be made ahead & frozen, that Roizy bags up the dough in EIGHT ziplocs to be frozen, and that she takes only ONE bag out to make the cake every Friday. So my question is: How much dough does it really take to make one cake--one quarter of the dough or one eighth? Thanks for your time.
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