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  Subject :What to make for classmates tenoyim.....
04/16/2012 22:03 
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My classmate is doing a tenoyim and I would love to send over something really pretty!!! I love to do nice things which aren't extremely hard... (BTW, I'm kinda pretty good in just taking a photo and copying without getting recipe etc....) can anyone help out with something nice and up to date????? Or email me photos to
  Subject :Re:What to make for classmates tenoyim.....
04/17/2012 04:32 
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This isn't so pretty just really tasty - pretzels Recipe #12588

Actually member smart cookie has loads of simcha ideas with photos
  Subject :Re:What to make for classmates tenoyim.....
04/18/2012 21:08 
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Someone I know does something really easy that's adorable. Take a package of those square chocolate-covered marshmallow things. You cut horizontally near the top as if to ALMOST slice off the top, but leave it attached. Bend that up so it stands up (not at a 90-degree angle, tilted a little) Then take engagement-style rings, either cheap plastic rings or candy rings, and press them into the marshmallow part. Presto! Engagement rings in ring boxes! As a side benefit, if you use plastic rings then any kiddies at the simcha end up very happy to make off with the prizes :)
  Subject :Re:What to make for classmates tenoyim.....
04/19/2012 10:20 
Joined: 04/16/2012 21:43
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Thanks a lot for this great idea I will try to push in something in my busy schedule.
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