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  Subject :Carpaccio
01/11/2011 16:52 
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Has anyone ever heard of eating raw meat? How do you make sure it is safe? Recipe sounds interesting but kind of strange, so I'd like to have some answers before I attempt this.
  Subject :Re:Carpaccio
05/24/2011 05:28 
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Sorry I have only just noticed this thread when I was looking for a recipe...
Yes I have tasted it and it is delicious. The question is what recipe do you have for it?
  Subject :Re:Carpaccio
05/24/2011 07:23 
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I think she's referring to this Recipe #1021. Raw meat at home also sounds like a bad idea to me. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  Subject :Re:Carpaccio
12/04/2011 01:51 
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to be safe you have to get the freshest meat - direct from the butcher, keep it very cold and serve on a chilled plate (unless it will be eaten immediately). I have served carpaccio (meat) and seviche (fish) raw on different occasions, but only for small crowds where I could prepare and serve the meat in a healthy fashion. It also helps if you salt (or cure) or splash a little acid on the protein which cooks it ever so slightly.
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