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  Subject :Fried Onions for Liver Towers
03/07/2012 10:35 
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In Leah Schapiro's cookbook she has a picture of a Liver & Eggs Tower with fried onions on top. The cookbook instructions say to fry the onions and then spread them out on a paper towel to let them dry out. Mine have not been working, has anyone tried this and have ideas how to make it work?
  Subject :Re:Fried Onions for Liver Towers
03/07/2012 23:46 
LeahS [Admin]
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You don't actually fry the onions. You bring them to a boil with room temperature oil. The only reason I can think of is that the onion wasn't sliced thin enough. So make sure you slice it very thinly and use the smallest size pot. Let me know if you're still having trouble.
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