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  Subject :Vegetarian Shabbos Meal
08/31/2011 13:10 
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I am having a vegetarian for shabbos who also doesn't eat fish. What sort of food can I make?
  Subject :Re:Vegetarian Shabbos Meal
09/02/2011 09:15 
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Grilled vegetables with pasta Recipe #955
Grains, couscous, rice, beans...
  Subject :Re:Vegetarian Shabbos Meal
09/03/2011 13:19 
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Mexican style vegetables with cheese and tortilla's are very good... Vegetarian Quesadillas ... Wheat pasta and marinara or a white sauce and fresh mushrooms are more simple choices... You can take egg's, vegetables and cheese and bake it in a pan (something like a light quiche) and that's also real good and usually mixes well with non meat items you may be serving... Good Luck!.
  Subject :Re:Vegetarian Shabbos Meal
09/04/2011 02:07 
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I ended up cooking my normal shabbos meal but supplemented it with other food. I made angel hair pasta salad Recipe # 2075, a caesar salad, tomato salad and lots of dips for the fish course. For a soup I did a roasted tomato soup. The main course I made rice, pineapple pie Recipe # 671, cooked red cabbage, kugel and grilled vegetables and of course chicken for us not vegetarians. The grilled vegetables were peppers, squash, eggplant, onion, sweet potato, all cut into disks and then stacked into a "tower." It looks really colorful and is a neat way to present it.
  Subject :Re:Vegetarian Shabbos Meal
09/12/2011 19:17 
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What a great menu! Love the way you presented the grilled vegetables. Did you connect the tower with a skewer? Send some pictures, please!
  Subject :Re:Vegetarian Shabbos Meal
09/19/2011 00:28 
Joined: 09/15/2011 05:01
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making salads are popular. they are parve and everyone can enjoyed. cucumber salad, mushroom salad, hummus, and health salads are just a few.
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