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  Subject :oil instead of margarine for bagel making
02/09/2011 19:49 
Joined: 01/23/2011 02:56
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cookmama has posted a great recipe for bagel. i wanted to know if i can use oil instead of margarine?????
  Subject :Re:oil instead of margarine for bagel making
02/09/2011 19:59 
Joined: 12/13/2010 16:35
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Recipe #601

I checked it out and its only 2 Tbsp margarine. I think you can replace it with 2 Tbsp oil, but they may not last as long soft once you make them. I would then freeze them right away and defrost as needed.
  Subject :Re:oil instead of margarine for bagel making
02/12/2011 23:24 
Joined: 01/23/2011 02:56
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thank you
  Subject :Re:oil instead of margarine for bagel making
02/16/2011 19:59 
Joined: 12/13/2010 19:47
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I never tried this recipe with oil. With the marg it comes out perfect. Let me know what happens when you make it with oil-I'm very curious!
  Subject :Re:oil instead of margarine for bagel making
03/06/2012 20:37 
Joined: 03/02/2011 01:36
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I can't give any refunds or guarantees but I wantonly substitute oil for margarine in practically anything baked and have never had a flop yet. The only times I use margarine anymore are for things that won't be baked where I think the margarine is a key part of the consistency, like some peanut butter balls I make that aren't baked. Any cakes, cookies, breads seem to do just as well with oil (for cookies sometimes the dough needs more refrigeration to be shape-able)
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