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  Subject :challa bracha
02/01/2011 13:37 
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i never baked challah before and finding this site encouraged me to do so. well i bought the flour. white and whole wheat and would like to start. however i am not planning to make large pot of it since my kitchen/freezer space is too small.

my question is this?

do i still make a bracha for batter of lets say 4-8 cups of flour used in total???

what if i make two different batches of grain. like one bowl is white flour only and another bowl is whole wheat flour only. each would be lets say 4-8 cups of flour?????

i have a halacha book on this but it is using g/mg and i am not sure of it. may be someone knows conversion of g/mg to cups.

thanks for help
i am loving this site. alot like
  Subject :Re:challa bracha
02/01/2011 15:48 
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Baking Challos is really not as complicated as it sounds. There is nothing like the smell of fresh challos. I bake challos every friday morning. I found this conversion.

All-Purpose Flour:
1 cup = 140 grams
1 cup sifted = 115 grams

Cake Flour:
1 cup = 130 grams
1 cup sifted = 100 grams

Bread Flour:
1 cup = 160 grams
1 cup sifted = 120 grams
Its best to use strong flour for challos which is also called bread flour.
When I measured it in my kitchen I found that 8 cups of flour is 1.21 Kg, which is not enough to make a bracha on. But you can combine two different yeast doughs and make a brocha on them together. I think two doughs of 8 cups each would be enough to make a bracha on. Good Luck. I hope they work out!!!! Keep us posted!
  Subject :Re:challa bracha
02/01/2011 20:27 
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thanks for the reply. i just came accross tamar ansh website where she stated that to make a bracha you need minimum of 16cups or flour which equals to 2.3kg or 5lb of flour. thanks. i will start experimenting but with much less since it is my first time. i don't want to waste food if it doesnt' work out.
  Subject :Re:challa bracha
02/02/2011 10:22 
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Recipe #432 is a great challah recipe. That is for 5lb. flour-just halve the recipe if you don't have freezer space. Don't get discouraged, it just takes some practice. If you find braiding difficult, you can always just make balls and place them one next to the other in a pan- they will grow together nicely. Make sure your pan is very well greased with oil, so that the challahs pop out. Also keep the dough warm by covering and I sometimes put the oven on to get the counter above it nice and warm. As far as I know, you need 2-1/2 lbs of flour to make a brocha. There really is nothing as good as homemade challah. Have fun- Enjoy!
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