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  Subject :What is the "kugel blade"?
09/27/2011 09:10 
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GEECH posted a recipe called "Layered Apple Kugel" Recipe #680 and she says to process the apples using the "kugel blade".

Can anyone please describe which blade she is referring to?
I know people who use different blades when they make kugel.
Kesiva v'chasima tova to all.
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  Subject :Re:What is the
09/27/2011 09:16 
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The kugel blade shreds it thinly. My mother actually made this recipe and she just shredded it by hand (not very thin). It was delicious, so I don't think it really matters how thinly you shred it.
  Subject :Re:What is the
11/17/2011 17:17 
LeahS [Admin]
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Jill - the kugel blade is the grading blade for the braun food processor. It's finer than a shredder - Here is a link to it:
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