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  Subject :Plating Ideas?
01/04/2011 22:43 
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How do you get your plates to look pretty? I'm always hosting guests and could use new ideas. Ideas for fish plate, main dish and dessert!
Photos could be helpful ;)
  Subject :Re:Plating Ideas?
01/05/2011 22:14 
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Dessert: Sprinkle some cocoa on the plate, Drizzle confectioners sugar, drizzle chocolate.
I find with desserts that sprinkling on the plate something and adding some fresh fruit - pomegranates, blueberries... makes the plate pop.
  Subject :Re:Plating Ideas?
01/07/2011 07:24 
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Plates look the prettiest with less food. When serving the main dish, 2 side dishes always look more elegant than 3. Also try serving the saucy side dish in either an individual small dish on the larger plate or some sort of shell- pastry etc.. to keep everything neat. Even when serving your fish on Shabbos, put the chrein or dip in tiny glass bowl. Different color large lettuce or purple cabbage leaves are also a great base for rice. And the most important tip is to use all your gorgeous plates, platters, bowls....DON"T SAVE THEM!
  Subject :Re:Plating Ideas?
02/28/2012 09:27 
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I love the "presentation" as a priority when serving, which means using natural blend of colors ! To a green salad, add red tomamtoes & yellow pepper strips. To any main dish, I like to present with dark broccli & orange sweet potato. Or yellow corn & blueberry tart. I do have a really pretty & quick dessert that is Recipe #12183 (see that picture)
  Subject :Re:Plating Ideas?
03/04/2012 11:53 
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I agree with you Smartcookie. I usually match brown, beige, or white foods with colorful spices, opposite/brightly-colored vegetables or fruit, and herbs. For example: I put fried eggs on a sice of bread, and garnish with dots of hot sauce or some red pepper flakes and a sprig of fresh herbs. Potaoes I usually just dice up, mix with one or two diferent colors of vegetables, and mix with some olive oil for shine. And for breakfast porridges, I like to blend all the water or milk I'll be using with the most vibrant-colored fruit I can find and cook it like that.

I have become so giddy over a plate of food before, because it was so pretty that I didn't want to eat it. ;)
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