Yom Ha'atzmaut

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Yom Ha'atzmaut is the national independence day of Israel, commemorating its declaration of independence in 1948. While Yom Ha'atzmaut was originally set to be celebrated on the 5th day of Iyar, there are a couple of exceptions. If the 5th of Iyar falls out on Friday or Saturday, Yom Ha'atzmaut is moved up to the preceding Thursday. If 5th of Iyar falls out on Monday the celebrations are moved up to Tuesday.


This year Yom Ha'atzmaut will be celebrated on Tuesday. And how do true Israeli's celebrate this day? By making a Mangal or as Americans refer to it, a BBQ. Check out our fun BBQ ideas!


If grilling isn't an option for you, try out some of these recipes to add some Israeli flavor.


Spicy Pita Chips

Pita Chips


Chunky Parsley Hummus


israeli salad


Searching through our recipe base, we noticed that we don't have one classic Israeli Salad. An Israeli salad is a chopped salad consisting of finely diced tomatoes and cucumbers. Variations include, onion, peppers, cabbage, pickles and zatar. Some Israelis consider a true Israeli salad seasoned with vinegar, oil, salt and pepper only. While others believe lemon juice should replace the vinegar.

The true mark of a real Israeli salad is the dice. If you can dice the tomatoes and cucumbers to a perfect fine dice then you're already one step ahead.


Help us out by posting your favorite way to make it. Take out your measuring spoons and figure out exactly how you like your salad. If we have enough entries we may choose our favorite and post it on our blog.

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