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on Monday, 23 June 2014. Posted in News Updates

Now that Dairy Made Easy has debuted, I’d like to thank the people and things that make writing cookbooks possible.
First the things.
Thank you to my two dishwashers. You make my life possible.
It wasn’t always this way. This is the “before” picture of my kitchen. Whisk readers know that I had a long love-hate relationship with my old dishwasher, one of those two drawers models. I used the top drawer for meat, and the bottom for dairy dishes. They could never fit all the dishes, pots, and utensils that I used. Because I had to pack things in, they didn’t clean so well either. And on a couple occasions, they just didn’t work.
One of those times was last September, when the dairy drawer stopped working. During that month, I washed dishes by hand every night.
One person told me, “Why don’t you just cook meat dinners?”
I couldn’t. Leah and I were working on Dairy Made Easy.
I replaced the part that needed replacing, and I had my dishwasher back for a few weeks. Until it died for good. 
May it rest in peace. It lived a full, busy life of nine years. 
You would think I would have been devastated. But I was thrilled! I didn’t have an excuse to get a new dishwasher when I had one that worked, albeit not so well. Now my dishwasher dreams could come true.
And two full-sized dishwashers was not negotiable. I didn’t care where the second dishwasher would go, or if it was even possible to take out drawers to install it. I didn’t know anything about the electricity or plumbing work that would have to be done to get that second dishwasher in. But I did have faith.
On one Monday, I walked into Towne Appliance on Clifton Avenue in Lakewood. The price on the Kitchen Aid Architect Series dishwasher that matched the rest of my appliances was even better than I expected. I walked out with an order for two dishwashers.
They came in the following day. And we schedule installation for Thursday. I didn’t think I’d initially be able to have both installed on the same day, but Jaime, Towne’s expert installation man, heroically got the job done. 
And so, since that fateful day in December, the recipe testing has gone on full force ahead. No sink of dirty dishes can hold me back.
So, thank you to my dishwashers. I couldn’t have done it without you.
I know I’m now supposed to thank real people, but who does as much work as you do?

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