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Written by Victoria Dwek on Monday, 07 April 2014. Posted in Food Mood

Whew! Those of you who follow Cookkosher’s Instagram feed know that for the last two weeks, Leah and I have been busy shooting the photographs for both Dairy Made Easy, due out after Passover, and Secret Restaurant Recipes, due out later this year.

The colors in the photography complement the colors in the design of the book. We paste the cookbook pages on the wall so we can keep things coordinated.
The last time I spent 2 consecutive weeks cooking in Leah’s house was last summer, when we completed the photographs for both Starters and Sides Made Easy and Kids Cooking Made Easy.
Since then, some things have changed and some things have stayed the same.
1) Leah now has oven mitts. She must have dug them up just for me, but I caught her using them a few times. Last summer, on Day 1 of our photoshoots, when I asked Leah where her oven mitts are, she threw me a towel. 
“Oven mitts? Who uses oven mitts?” 
Um. Me. You guys do too, right?
I think she enjoyed using the oven mitts the past couple of weeks and now agrees with me that they are highly practical. 
Do you Leah?
A glimpse of our prop table. Notice the color scheme?
2) And while I am very proud of her acquisition, I would have been more excited if Leah had a roasting pan. She still does not. She claims she manages to cook her meat in disposable aluminum tins and that it always tastes good. (I wasn’t willing to risk it. I brought one from home).
On Day 2 of our photoshoot, I saw the appliance repairman’s truck parked outside when I arrived.
Uh oh.
“Please do not tell me that any of the appliances are broken.”
Nope. He was there for the washer/dryer. Phew.
While he was there anyway, though, Leah had him take a look at the ovens, which were taking a long time to preheat. 
He looked. The good news was that the ovens were heating evenly and consistently once they were heated. To correct the problem, though, he could only work on the ovens when they were completely cool. To be sufficiently cool, the ovens had to be turned off for at least one hour. When could he return?
We thought and thought. When two people are preparing over 120 dishes over 9 working days, the ovens could never really be off. Maybe Friday at the end of the day?
Well, he arrived. And the ovens were still on.
Perhaps early Tuesday morning, at 8 a.m., before we start cooking?
Well, the appliance repairman didn’t arrive until 8:39 a.m. Too late. The ovens were on when he got there.
My own ovens probably feel neglected. But at least I brought home good food every day.
What happens after we shoot the food? Onto the buffet it goes!
There was one complaint from my family:
“You always make these awesome things. But then we never see the dish again. We want to eat this again.”
Sometimes, it’s just too bad. When your mother and wife is a food writer, she needs to be constantly testing and tweaking new dishes, not the ones that have already been published.
Prop, prop.
Such is the life of the family of a food writer. 
And so, I welcome you all to Life of a Food Writer, a new blog by Leah and I, hosted by
We look forward to having you join us.

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