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Written by Cook Kosher on Tuesday, 03 December 2013. Posted in Food Mood

Dairy Tonight!
Last week, we received a lesson in menu planning from one of our own master cooks, Shaindy N. Lots of you already are familiar with Shaindy’s recipes, and for those who are here with Shaindy for the first time, you can learn more about her here.
Dairy is on the brain for Chanukah, so Shaindy shares her dairy recipes she culled from Cookkosher. 
You can now make everyone’s favorite pizza store appetizer at home. Since you’re frying anyway on Chanukah, it’s a perfect time to try these out. 
For the soup course, try everyone’s favorite from Kids Cooking Made Easy: Pizza Soup! Don’t forget to make those cheese crisps on the side. We love to dip and dip them in the soup.
For the main, Shaindy chooses a classic Baked Ziti.
A good dairy menu always needs a winner salad, and Shaindy chooses Roizi’s Dairy Salad for her menu. This salad was the creation of member SmartCookie, who has entered over 70 recipes!
Finally, for dessert: What’s Chanukah without doughnuts? Shaindy’s making these.
Our dairy meal is done! Come back next week, when Shaindy shares her next menu! 

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  • kuchleffel
    09 December 2013 at 04:33 |

    Yummm! Cheese!!! My family would have dairy everyday of the week for dinner but I would tweek this menu by sneaking in some veggies. How about squash sticks instead of the mozzarella ones and a fruit smoothie too so I know I've put some variety and good nutrition. Gotta try that pizza soup it looks like it has got potential!

  • ShaindyN
    08 January 2014 at 20:42 |

    Thanks for your feedback, check out my next menu I added some vegetables to it.

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