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Written by Victoria Dwek on Tuesday, 03 December 2013. Posted in Table Toppers

Whisk readers will know that this year, my Chanukah party guests were secret agents who arrived to solve the case of the missing gelt. My nieces and nephews found clues buried in the “sand” while they were making the “Edible Sandart” projects from Kids Cooking Made Easy. They found more clues in between the plates, juice boxes, or the plain white royal icing cookies in the Cookie Coloring Station (I stayed up all night icing 100 cookies so the kids could color them using these)
After the party, my kids and I brainstormed: What should our Chanukah party theme be next year?
How about if we go backwards first and talk about last year?
Like my circus tent dessert table? The tent shape was made using inexpensive crepe streamers. I was very proud of that tent.
Here’s some of the goodies. See those streusel crumbs on top of the cupcakes? Those are the crumbs from the Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream from Kids Cooking Made Easy, just repurposed. Dont' forget about the Donut Macarons which you first met over here.
I found the “Admissions,” “Concessions,” and more circus-style signs at Party Fair. The kids (and adults) made lanyard bracelets, which brought me back to my camp days (remember box stitch? cobra? spiral staircase?).
My children, neices, and nephews each received “Gelt Tickets” in their invitation and received more tickets throughout the day which they redeemed for toys and prizes.
And, of course, they each needed their own bucket to stash everything.
So, what'll it be next year?

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