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Written by Cook Kosher on Monday, 11 November 2013. Posted in Table Toppers

We picked up some more party tips at this adorable Upsherin bash.
Pop up neutral colored tablecloths (that you can use for adult or kid parties alike) with Mydrap. Place them vertically for a look that's more updated than the standard placemat (Look here for more creative uses of Mydrap placemats and napkins).
Fill pitchers of fun drinks and keep them on your table, not only on the buffet. Besides for the convenience, they'll help fill up and add interest to your table setting, especially if the drink matches the decor. 
You don't need to matchy-match your vases. Mix two (or more!) of different shapes for an interesting centerpiece.
These party favors look like Aleph-Bet blocks, but they're clear boxes filled with candy. A paper insert helps and clever stacking helps achieve the building block look. 
Boxes can be bought online here.
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