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Written by Cook Kosher on Thursday, 31 October 2013. Posted in Food Mood

So many people enjoy Cookkosher on a daily basis. Most of the people who visit daily search our large database for their everyday recipe ideas--like a quick tried-and-true dinner or side dish to go with it. Others search the database by typing in an ingredient they have on hand for inspiration on how to use it. 
Over the next few weeks, our guest bloggers will choose a recipe that one of YOU have entered, photograph it, and showcase it on their blog. 
Our first guest blogger is Esti Waldman from ESTI Photographer. Esther is a true artist when she’s behind the camera. 
Want to see some of her other work? She has shared gorgeous photos of THIS Upsherin (a boy’s 3rd birthday), this Purim Party (with Shavy Weiss for Whisk), and a Winter Wonderland Party. Check them out; they’re chockfull of ideas for your any party (and Chanukah is coming up).
This time, we can head to Esti's Blog where we join her as she tries out one of Cookkosher Member ... recipes…. Click HERE to read more. 
Keep on sharing your never know who will be next! And you'll also be entered in our Chanukah Recipe Contest. 

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  • ashleyaloof
    20 November 2013 at 07:00 |

    This is so exciting!

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