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Written by Victoria Dwek on Tuesday, 27 August 2013. Posted in Food News

There are now new, fresh stacks of Starters and Sides Made Easy by Leah Schapira and Victoria Dwek (us!) at your local Jewish book shop. You can also get your copy from Artscroll or on Amazon.
And while everyone can now enjoy the recipes we’ve been working on all year, we like to share something extra with you guys. Like some of our secrets. 
No, not the secret to these easy crispy, addictive flatbreads that we love with our salads and dips. For those you’ll have to get the book.
Now for our first secret. How do we come up with recipe ideas? Well. Ok. Here goes. We talk. A lot. We chat and chat about food until we’ve finished describing a dish that we’d love to enjoy. Lots of recipes are fully developed in our heads and just need tweaking by the time we get to the kitchen. Friends and family around the world also send us pictures of food they’re enjoying. And then there’s you, our dear members who always inspire us.
After we cook, we shop. We get a lot of funny looks when we go to stores and buy one or two (or three) of each dish. “Um, Maam. These dishes are very nice, but don’t match. Do you need help finding a complete set?” 
We also borrow. We have a lot of very stylish friends with good taste. Here’s Leah’s dining room table filled with props. During our photoshoots, each time another dish came out of the kitchen, it would be matched with the right surface or tablecloth, dishes, and utensils. Special thanks to Renee Muller, Shavy Weiss, Set Your Table, Mydrap, and The Frites Shop.
Here’s another secret: We don’t only prepare the food you see pictured. We most often prepare the entire recipe. Why?
A) We can pick the prettiest pieces.
B) It gives us another chance to test the recipes.
And the main reason is...
C) When word gets around that there’s a photoshoot taking place, lots of hungry people pound on the door. And we have an obligation to feed. At the end of each day, Leah’s dinette table was lined up with lots of 9- x 13-inch aluminum pans. 
And when the food runs out and we have to send the rest of the hungry people home, we’re happy we’re not caterers. That’s why we write recipes. So you can cook the good food yourself!
So get your copy of Starters and Sides Made Easy and enjoy flavorful, exciting, and easy to prepare meals right away. 

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