The Jerusalem Shuk (Market Place)

Written by Sarah Massry on Monday, 24 June 2013. Posted in Food Mood

To walk through the shuk in Jerusalem is a feast for all of your senses.
The Shuk (Mahane Yehuda) market is located in central Jerusalem. It is bounded by Jaffa Road to the north and Agrippas Street to the south.
As you approach the shuk, you won’t know where to look first. The products available vary greatly - one can buy anything from kosher meat and chicken to socks- no kidding! There are also many unique specialty items available at the shuk. 

Personally, I like to buy fresh spices and nuts. And what a variety there is!
As you stroll through the outdoor market place, you will take in the tantalizing aromas of the fresh products and baked goods.
Want more than just a whiff? Many of the food stands will allow you to sample their products. 

Be prepared - the shuk can be a very noisy place. Many of the merchants - who promote their products with dynamic and loud sales pitches - are as much suited for the show biz as they are for the food biz. And speaking of the show biz, it is not uncommon for amateur musicians to come and set up "shop" wherever they fancy - in the middle of the shuk. Violins, guitars, harmonicas, and Moroccan drums - anything goes. Kind fellas may drop a coin or two into their music cases. 
And for that matter, anyone goes. Hoards of interesting and exotic folks from all walks of life regularly frequent the shuk each day.
Yet on Friday afternoons and on the days preceding the Jewish holidays the shuk is exceptionally crowded. It may take some extra time to maneuver your way through the crowds and you may get shoved or poked in the process.

But rest assured, it’s worth it. You'll go home with some great - and fresh- Kosher food. And - more importantly - you'll have a lot of fun buying it!

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