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While we were writing Passover Made Easy and were hard at work developing new recipes to add flavor to your holiday, we also looked to be inspired by you, our fellow CookKosher members. We tested lots and lots of recipes that arose out of your kitchens. Here’s some of our favorites that didn’t make it into the book­­but still deserve to be enjoyed! 

Almond Cupcakes

I made these Almond Cupcakes four times. The first time they were delicious and moist, and they were all eaten up. I had used blanched ground almonds, and wanted to know how they’d taste if I used the ground almonds (unblanched) that most of us keep in our pantries on Passover. It wasn’t the same. Though they didn’t make it into the book, if you are processing your own blanched almonds to make almond meal, or have found blanched ground almonds in the store, the kiddies will love these. Pipe some meringue on top of the unbaked cupcakes for a swirly frosting stand-in. - Victoria

Crinkle Cookies

These are a Pesach classic, that’s already in everyone’s Passover repertoire. They are way too common to include in a cookbook (Here is another version). But if they’re not on your baking list yet, what are you waiting for? - Leah

Matzah and Mushroom Kugel

I eat matzah every day all year long. I love that bland, sort of comforting taste. Although this wasn’t flavorful or unique enough to nab a spot in the book, we still enjoyed eating it. -Victoria

Onion Kugel

This is on my Pesach menu. I don’t yet know if it’s good or not. But it’s intriguing to me. I’ll let you know how it turns out. - Leah


When I told Leah that this sounds good, she told me that everyone was making this dessert 25 years ago! I made it twice, in a Pyrex instead of a jelly roll (so it’s easier). My kids attacked it and finished the whole batch both times. It’s orange sorbet. What can go wrong? - Victoria

Yerushalmi Noodle Kugel

In the “Building Blocks” section of Passover Made Easy, you’ll find a how-to on making Passover crepes. One of the things you can do with the crepes is stack them, roll them, and slice them into noodles. I noted there that you can use your all year round noodle kugel recipe to make a kosher for Passover version. Here’s my adaptation of my all year round Yerushalmi kugel. - Leah

Creamy Garlic and Celery Soup

This was a very comforting soup. We made two versions, using both celery (some added before and some added after the blending so it has some crunch) and celery root. Both turned out well. - Victoria
Don’t go yet!
Here’s a few more you might like. Though we haven’t tried them all, they’re tried and true recipes from your fellow members all over the world. - Leah
Carmelized French Roas  - One of my favorites in my cookbook "Fresh & Easy Kosher Cooking
Try Mom's Easy Brisket or Minute Steak Roast (both use process ingredients) 
Look through our side dish recipes for Passover. And if you need new potato ideas this year, we've got plenty for you.  
Don't forget to watch our videos on how to make easy homemade mayonnaise and tips for the perfect matzah ball for your chicken soup. 
Check out Leah's guest post in a Passover Potluck hosted by Tori the Shiksa in the Kitchen. 

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