Our Favorites: Kosherfest 2012

Written by Cook Kosher on Friday, 16 November 2012. Posted in News Updates

Some are completely brand new. Some are old, but we love them anyway. Here’s our favorites bites from Kosherfest 2012.


1) Shani’s Tahini Sauce

Why hasn’t anyone put techineh in a squeeze bottle until now? Squirt it in your falafel, or over your salad. This thin, Israeli-style techineh comes in four flavors. It’s neat, convenient, and most importantly, tastes great.

2) Macarons by Pas Yisrael

Not up for the homebaking challenge but still want to serve this posh, trendy treat? These authentic macarons, imported from France by Pat Yisrael, will be available in all grocery stores. A real effortless way to impress the guests.
Make your own Chocolate or Lemon Macarons. 

3) Fiber Challah, also by Pas Yisrael

A great brand comes out with another product to make it easier for challah lovers to cut down on the white flour and add some fiber to our diets.  

4) Facon from Jack’s Gourmet.

We didn’t get to taste, but all the Facon was gone by midday.

5) Taste of Asia Sesame Teriyaki Pre-Cooked Asian Noodles.

We think this is one of the best travel products out there. The noodles actually taste really good. Take ‘em in your backpack on your next business or family trip and expand your boundaries beyond that 100-mile radius from the nearest kosher restaurant. 

6) Trophi Kush and Krembles.

Two Israeli favorites. It’s fun to see them gaining a fan base in the U.S. 

7) Greek Yogurt.

Finally. This one is made by Norman’s Dairy. Mehadrin will also be debuting a Greek Yogurt in a few weeks. We finally get to see what all the hype is about.

8) Banana Flan with Chocolate Chip Crust and Caramel Glaze from the World of Chantilly.

This dessert and lots of others are only available to caterers and not to retail. We were too busy staring we didn’t catch the whole name. 

9) Schneider’s Mon Gateau Ready-to-Bake Cake Batter.

Nope, this isn’t a mix. It’s cake batter that’s all ready to go. Just snip the corner and pipe into a cupcake liner. For real lazy people. We waited for some cupcakes to come out of the oven. They taste great too!

10) Gelato Petrini

The rumors say that those who tasted the pareve flavors couldn’t tell it wasn’t dairy. But we went for the real stuff: Vanilla Bean and Cheesecake Cookies and Cream. 

11) Black Tahini by DeLa Rosa Real Foods.

How cool is that? Black tahini is made from black sesame seeds. We think it’ll make a nice touch in our food photos.

12) Skinny Kosher Creations

Kosherfest isn’t only about fattening treats. The diet food was good too. 

13) Foodman’s Matzolah 

Passover cereal always seems to be wanting, but breakfast on Pesach (or anytime) just got better with this crunchy, satisfying granola which uses matzah made by Streits.

14) Challah Mixes by Voila! Challah

We know you like to make your challah from scratch, but when you need to make a whole wheat or spelt challah for a guest, use the mix. You’ll be pulling hot challahs from the oven and no one will be wiser. 

15) Yogi Drops by Rimon

Love dairy and want a snack? Especially one that has so few calories? You can munch and munch on these freeze dried yogurt. These hit the spot and satisfy even an ice cream craving.    

16) Mendelsohn’s Square Pizza

Who wants to go to the pizza store when there is Mendelsohn’s in the freezer? Not us. This will always be our favorite frozen pizza. But if you’re a family of crust lovers, there’s now triple the edges to enjoy.
Which product are you most excited about??

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