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The kids are off from school for the next two weeks, and the challenge is on for most parents to brainstorm an exciting family trip for the Chol Hamoed days. Well, what could be a better trip than those that combine both action and, of course, food! Here's a roundup of our favorite food factories to visit (and yes, everyone gets to taste too).

First, we’ll start with a bunch of factories that are within driving distance from the New York Metropolitan area. These Pennsylvania factories are just a short trip away, and many are located close to each other, so you can visit more than one once you’re making your way to PA. They’re also close to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, a popular vacation destination for families with small children. 


1) Krieder’s Farm
Manheim, PA
This is the location where the Chalav Yisrael brand of milk, Pride-of-the-Farm, is produced. Watch the cows being milked in a state-of-the-art milk parlor. And, yes, you get to taste the farm fresh ice cream!
2) Herr’s Potato Chips
Nottingham, PA
Fun, free. Watch the potato chips process from start to finish. It’s about a 30 minute drive from Lancaster. The tour is 40 minutes long and there’s lots of fresh chips to taste. The kids will love it, mine did. 
3) Snyders Pretzel Bakery
Hanover, PA
Watch pretzels being produced, from the moment the ingredients are mixed, dough shaped, and follow production all the way to the ovens. Reservations are required, so plan ahead. 
4) Hershey's Chocolate World 
Hershey, PA
There’s lots to see, smell, and taste in the spot where you can follow a cocoa bean on its journey into a Hershey Bar. The tour is free, but then there’s lots other fun food things to do once you’re there, like creating your own chocolate bar. 
5) Utz Snacks Factory Tours
Hanover, PA
Free self-guided tour of Utz Snacks allows you to view the entire 30 minute process that transforms a raw spud into a crunchy chip.
Here’s some of our favorites from all across the country:


Jelly Belly Candy Factory (CA) 
One Jelly Belly Lane, Fairfield, CA


Celestial Seasonings  
Boulder, CO


World of Coca-Cola 
Atlanta, GA


Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream 
Waterbury, VT


There are many fun factory tours in Israel, and the best part is—they’re all kosher! 
From Tnuva (cheese), Bamba, Coca Cola, Wine and Water factories there is a factory for everyone.  
Did we miss any?  Leave us a comment below. 
Note: Always consult you local rabbi regarding the kashrut of the food produced by these companies.

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