12 Hours in Kosher Venice

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Venice is a quaint, laid back city with only a remnant (update: there is actually a daily minyan in the synagogue and there is a young and active Chief Rabbi) of its once proud and thriving Jewish community. However, it’s a beautiful city worth visiting at least once in your lifetime. Be prepared to do a lot of walking.


Aside from using boats and taxis, I got lost many times since all the streets look the same to me. Nevertheless, it was of course very enjoyable.


All the kosher food options are located in one area – the Jewish Ghetto which is in the Cannaregio sestiere of Venice. (The northern most of the six historic sestieri [districts] of Venice).


Let’s start with breakfast. In the Kosher bakery and grocery 'Volpi' you can buy fresh rolls, breads and all baked goods. It is the only kosher bakery in town, owned by a Venetian Jewish woman (update: the owner is not Jewish, which is why it has a kashrut certificate despite the fact it is open on Shabbat). There are also some basic products you can pick up, such as pasta, wine and other products.



These photos are from the evening when I went in to grab some rolls for breakfast for the next day. 


Lunch – Gam Gam Goddies. A bakery where you'll find fresh baked goods and pizza. I have to say – it was delicious! 



Crispy, thin and cheesy! While there isn't a sit down option, you can eat in the main courtyard of the ghetto. If you don’t want to eat outside on the street, you can head around the corner of the pizza shop to the Chabad House and eat in there.

The Museum cafeteria also serves lunch, with awesome pasta dishes, frittatas etc, all dairy.


Dinner – Gam Gam is a Middle Eastern restaurant. The food is fresh, well priced and very tasty. There are also lots of vegan options. Be sure to make a reservation as it fills up fast during tourist season (which may be all year!).


Gam Gam is located on the waterside, so when the weather is good request outdoor seating.



You can also request double wrapped dishes to go which you can then warm up at your hotel. Gam Gam is run by the local Chabad.

If you’re looking to stop for a quick drink, try the café in the Jewish Museum. You can also find a few basics there as well.


Shabbos options: You can eat at Gam Gam or at the Pardes Rimonim. (Pardes Rimonim will soon re-open for  the weekdays as well).

Thanks to Alessandra Rovati of Dinner in Venice for updating us on the info we missed.

Check out the first stop in our series: Seattle

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