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You cook and prepare everything for the holiday; the only thing you haven't thought about of is the presentation. Presentation is the clincher. The easiest way to have your meal presented nicely is by setting a beautiful table. 

For that we bring you, Devorah of Noir Gifts in Lakewood NJ, the expert in table design.


I always find that it's the little details in the table setting that make a difference and I'm here to show you how easy it is to add some easy elegance to your table. 

This table design is a great idea  for Rosh Hashana, Sukkos or anytime you are looking to create that elegant atmosphere. 

The color scheme I chose are white and silver. Don't get me wrong, I love color, but for the holidays I like to keep it simple and neat. This is what I call "simply understated elegance". Start with a nice tablecloth. Here we set the table with a white sheer organdy cloth, embellished with little silver square sequins. It's elegant  to serve at a holiday table, but surprisingly, it's also washable. You can have all the children eating at the table with peace and mind. 

To stay with the clean color scheme use white flowers. Carnations are inexpensive and you can bunch loads of them together for a full soft look. Even though we used a wide neck vase here is a quick tip to make it look like a floral designer put it together.  My trick is to put a cup inside the vase so that flowers stay together. You can bunch the flowers and tie the stems together with a rubber-band. Then place the bunch of flowers in the inside cup and it will look as good as if you bought them from your flower shop. If you use a translucent vase, you can line the inside (between the vase and cup) with white paper. That will block the stems and cup from being seen.  


Each person gets their own individual dessert plate to be used as a simonim plate. The little silver square dishes can be used as personal honey dishes. (no more sharing and dripping honey all over the table). Originally, the little silver bowls come together on a larger square tray and I divided it up. That plate can be used as a center plate for fruit. 

The spoon are plastic, and come in all colors to match you dish. Gray, Clear, White, Caramel (gold), blue, green and lilac....  

Plastic at such an elegant table? Yes, they add a bit of fun, are a great conversation piece and match any color I want. I always find when I have guest and I'm busy hostessing, my little forks and knifes get lost, thrown away or ruined. These you can throw in the dishwasher and if one gets lost, it's inexpensive to replace. 

For a more modern approach, we use a white linen hemstitch challah cover. It keeps the look clean and white. You can get a few for your guest, so that they match.  They are washable,  so no need to worry if someone spills grape juice or wine on it. 

Monogram napkins are another great way to add elegance to your table. you can drape it over the chair to make a statement when you walk into the room. You can also place it hanging down under your plate or fold it over the plate. 

To add some color at the table My Drap napkins are the perfect fit. They come in every color imaginable. They are washable, disposable.  You can get place-mats and napkins that come perforated on a roll. You can mix and match (gray and yellow, gray and purple) or have one color at night - like the silver shown and at the day meal you can use lime green for a brighter effect. If you want to use them as a runner on the table, leave the placemats on the roll without tearing them. 

The napkin rings are white porcelain that come in a set of four assorted flowers. These are a real speciality item and make a great gift for the hostess that has everything. 

Remember to keep all the serving pieces coordinated to your tablescape for a clean look. It's always nice to add a color such as purple or green. We used lots of green accents in the food so that was our additional color. 

All dishes, tablecloth and accessories can be bought at Noir Gifts


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Devorah K. is proprietor of Noir Gifts located in Lakewood NJ. She loves beautiful dishes, flowers and all little things that add preetiness to your life. Devorah can be reached at 732-363-3263 or at

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  • RC
    25 September 2011 at 06:44 |

    It looks amazing and loads of simple ideas to replicate with 'things from the cupboard'!

  • njmom
    27 September 2011 at 00:23 |


  • cappuccino
    27 September 2011 at 15:37 |

    Really stunning. You did a great job setting that table. This table looks fit for Rosh Hashana. Keep up the great work!

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