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  • Heavenly Capons with Kis...

    These are perfect for Shabbos Chanuka or any special occasion. Easy to make! They look and taste heavenly!!!
  • Kishka

    Put this in your shabbos day cholent for an extra treat. Freezes well
  • Kishkalach

    These are kishka balls to add directly to the cholent. They add a ton of flavor.
  • kishka

    for your pesachdika cholent a yummy kishka
  • Kishka Pie

    An easy, healthy, and tasty alternative to kishke bought in stores
  • kishka

    Easy never fail kishka does not need a measuring cup it can be done with a plastic cup
  • Kishka

    Homemade kishka to put intto your cholent! Easy to make and tastes YUM!
  • Vegetarian Kishka

    An easy, great tasting and healthier version of kishka. I like to double and triple the recipe; it freezes very well. All I do is put it in the chule...
  • kishka

    This kishka recipe is excellent and never fails. A real oneg shabbos!
  • Kishka

    I make this every week to go with the cholent. Its pareve and can be made using a plastic cup to measure and be mixed inside a plastic bag if you're i...

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