Cake balls are delicious little cake bon-bons: it’s basically cake and frosting in a chocolate candy shell. And lots of sprinkles and chocolate chips–with my kids, at least. They are pretty easy to make, although not super quick. It's a basic recipe to give you the idea--adjust to your taste and ingredients on hand. They don’t require baking once the cake is made, so kids can help out the whole way through. You might have to play hand-washing police, though, because there can be a lot of finger licking going on…








  • Amital


  • 1 9x13 cake (baked, your choice of flavors)

  • 1 cup frosting, your choice of flavors

  • 24 oz chocolate or candy coating

  • 1 Assorted sprinkles or chips for decorating

  1. Finely pulverize the cake with your hands. Don’t leave pieces. It should be all crumbs.

  2. Mix the crumbs with about 1 cup of frosting (again, your flavor choice). It should now be like a dough in texture (too little frosting and it will be crumbly, too much and it will be wet).

  3. Roll the mixture into balls. Remember they will get a little bigger with their shells, so don’t make them too large!

  4. Freeze for about 15 minutes so they get a little more firm.

  5. Dip the balls into melted chocolate or candy coating. I like to use two forks, my kids like to use their fingers. Add sprinkles while they are still wet, and store in the refrigerator for the great crackle in biting through the shell.

  6. If you have extra cake leftover from Shabbat or a party, you can freeze it, frosting and all. Group like flavors together and when you have enough, you can make cake balls!




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