This chumus recipe gets rave reviews every time I make it for guests and is the perfect addition to a Shabbos table or weekday meal. It takes longer to wash the food processor parts than to whip up this recipe - perfect for a last-minute menu addition! I always make a full recipe to ensure that I can enjoy some myself afterwards! If you're just making the recipe for one or two people, then you can easily halve the recipe and still have plenty of chumus.









  • 2 (15 oz) cans of chickpeas

  • 1 (½ cup) techina (100% pure ground sesame, NOT the ready to eat kind)

  • 2 (1) cloves of garlic, minced

  • 1 (¼ cup) lemon juice, plus more for garnish

  • 2 (1 Tbsp) Extra virgin olive oil, plus extra for garnish

  • 1 (1 Tbsp) kosher salt

  • 1 (1 pinch) paprika (for garnish - use more as needed)

  • 1 (1 pinch) zaatar (for garnish - use more as needed)

  • 1 (1 Tbsp) pine nuts (for garnish - use more as needed)

  • 1 (1 pinch) parsley (dried is fine; for garnish - use more as needed)

  1. Combine all ingredients in food processor, process until smooth/desired texture is reached (some prefer slightly chunky), with some (1/3-1/2) of the liquid from one of the cans.

  2. Add more techina to thicken the chumus, or more lemon juice to thin it out, if needed.

  3. Adjust spices to taste - sample chumus after initial/each round of blending (I like to keep some pretzels, rice cakes, or baby carrots handy).

  4. Store in covered container in refrigerator for a few hours/overnight prior to serving. Note: Chumus will thicken up somewhat and flavors will meld when stored in fridge, so don't worry if you haven't achieved the precisely desired texture and/or flavor.

  5. To serve: spread desired amount of chumus onto serving plate/bowl. Take a spoon and make an indentation/track of sorts closer to the outer edge of the plate/bowl/dish, leaving a sort of flat-topped mound in the middle- making a moat, if you will, with the hummus.

  6. Drizzle some olive oil in the "moat" and on the center lump, then dust paprika in small clusters over the hummus. You can also garnish the hummus with za'atar or pine nuts instead.

  7. This recipe is great as a dip for challah or sliced vegetables (peppers, carrots, cucumbers), or underneath seasoned ground meat (ideally browned with taco seasoning).

  8. For an elegant appetizer, coat the rim of a martini glass with lemon juice and dust with paprika. Place 3-4 Tbps chumus into the martini glass and top with 2-3 falafel balls, 1-2 moroccan cigars, and 1-2 Tbsp israeli salad. Garnish with zaatar, if desired.




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