Rich vanilla bean ice cream with hand-dipped double stuffed Oreos, covered in milk chocolate and salted caramel. This ice cream is a perfect treat for any event. Be aware, it's addictive and delicious!








  • 365scoops

  • 365scoops


  • 12 Double Stuffed Oreos

  • 6 oz Milk Chocolate Chips

  • ¼ cup Salted Caramel

  • 3 cup Half-and-Half

  • 3 Egg yolks

  • ¾ cup Sugar

  • 1 Tbsp Vanilla bean paste

  • 1 tsp Bourbon vanilla extract

  1. First, make the vanilla ice cream base. Pour the half-and-half into a large saucepan. Add in the vanilla bean paste and vanilla extract. Heat until small bubbles form around the edges and set aside.

  2. In a large heat-proof bowl whisk together three egg yolks and 3/4 cup of sugar until the mixture gets pale yellow and thick. Temper the eggs by slowly pouring the hot milk liquid into the egg yolks, stir thoroughly.

  3. Once mixed, pour back into the saucepan and heat until it reaches 170 degrees (using a food thermometer) or, if you don’t have one, until it is thick enough to coat the back of a spatula or wooden spoon. Let the mixture cool completely before refrigerating for at least 2 hours.

  4. While the mixture is cooling, melt the chocolate chips in the microwave on high for 30 seconds, stir, cook for another 15 seconds, stir and repeat until the chips are fully melted. Warning: this part gets messy!

  5. Dip the Oreo into the bowl of chocolate, rotate so all edges are covered, and then flip to cover the other side. Remove from the chocolate and place on a parchment-lined baking sheet. Repeat until all 12 cookies are dipped.

  6. Place in the refrigerator for 30-45 minutes until the cookies are completely cooled and the chocolate has hardened. Remove from the refrigerator and drizzle the cookies with the salted caramel sauce. Place back into the refrigerator for another 30 minutes so the caramel hardens.

  7. At this point your ice cream base should be cool enough to add to the machine. Pour into the base of your ice cream maker and churn according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

  8. While it’s churning chop up the cookies and set aside. Approximately 5 minutes before the mixture is done churning, pour the cookies into the ice cream maker, allowing them to mix together thoroughly.

  9. Remove from the ice cream maker and transfer to a freezer-safe container. Let harden for 2-4 hours in the freezer (and if you can stand it, overnight!) and then enjoy!

  10. To see the original recipe visit 365scoops at www.365scoops.com or




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