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CHOSSID Expert SINCE 02/11
I LIVE IN Ukraine (shlichus) FAVORITE FOOD Boccone Dolci! MY SPECIALTY MY HOBBIES WEBSITE www.photoblog.com/chossid and www.chabadcrimea.org





  • Amazing French Challah Kugel (Pudding) Sometime over 20 years ago I found an amazing recipe in one of those supermarket women's magazines (I think Family Circle or Women's Day -- maybe Good Housekeeping) -- and I've lost it. Trying to duplicate it has never met with the same results. If you have it, I would really appreciate it. It...
  • Sheva Brochos ideas I'd love suggestions for Sheva Brochos -- salads, sides, unusual main dishes.... I have to make a lot -- maybe all of the sheva brochos, so I want them to look and taste good, but not things with a lot of potchkying. Thanks.
  • Re:LUNCH Fake Seafood Salad -- quick and easy Pour boiling water over fake seafood and some frozen peas. Wait a minute or 2 and drain off the water. Finely chop in a little onion. Mix with mayo and a little lime juice or TrueLime. This is fine on a low-carb diet. To make it even better (diet-wise...
  • Re:soup I also posted a zucchini soup (Can you make it that we can post links properly?)
  • Re:Sending suppers The person who is co-ordinating the meals should also try to get some variation in. A recent experience showed the mother getting menu print-outs for each night (ahead of time) so she knew if supper would be milchig, fleishig, or pareve -- which was very smart and considerate. But almost every ...
  • Search idea My favorite recipe is allrecipes.com and the biggest reason is for their wonderful ingredient search. I would SO MUCH appreciate it if you could add the same kind of search, listing ingredients desired, ingredients NOT desired, and other key words. You can see it here: http://allrecipes.com/...
  • Re:Obsessed with photographing my cooking ... [quote name="rachel" date="01/05/2011 12:17"] I am frustrated though because I use a canon g10 and don't have a detachable lens so I can't get a decent small aperture and get the classic blur on the background. I also seem to make all the good food at night and my only good source of light is day...
  • Re:Obsessed with photographing my cooking ... [quote name="njmom" date="01/05/2011 10:30"] My children are getting annoyed since they have to wait until I snap a picture before they can start eating. [/quote] Snap b4 u call them to the table! ;-)
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