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02/28/2012 10:57 
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A family member was recently diagnosed with diabetes and needs to watch their sugar & carb intake. Although I've tried & accumulated many good low carb recipes, I'd love some more variety of food. Any good recipes or ideas for purim seuda that are low carb or sugarfree (sweetner ok) ?
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03/01/2012 19:44 
LeahS [Admin]
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Here are answer from our facebook page:
Tess Joseph: what i have done for me is substitute one to two layers of filo pastry for shortcrust, make my own mohn grinding poppy seeds, mixing with ground walnuts, lemon peel juice, cinnamon and a lower gi honey substitute such as dark sweet freedom or agave syrup sparingly to get the consistency, for the sweet cheese filling try using a low fat cream cheese and sweetner of choice a couple of raisins wont kill if not overloaded ... cinnamon lemon peel... fiddly to make but can manage a couple as a treat with type 2 diabetes.
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I have few recipes that would be great. And they're sweet!

Recipe #10833

Recipe #7952

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