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  Subject :Creative Mayonnaise Recipes
02/05/2012 13:04 
Joined: 12/27/2011 20:17
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Does anyone have any mayonnaise recipes that feature olive oil or some other unusual ingredient? I'm really craving it right now plus it's fun to make. :)

You know, I was thinking, Has anyone ever tried Duke's Mayonnaise? It's only sold in the southern united states, and it is my favorite mayonnaise EVER! I don't live in Virginia anymore, so, has anyone ever tried to duplicate it? Long shot, I know, but hey...
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  Subject :Re:Creative Mayonnaise Recipes
02/06/2012 10:22 
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I make this recipe mayonnaise Recipe #555 and it's delicious! You can add any flavor you want after - roasted red peppers, sriracha sauce, dill, scallions...
  Subject :Re:Creative Mayonnaise Recipes
02/06/2012 18:08 
Joined: 12/27/2011 20:17
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Thanks, Njmom, that sounds good! It's funny that's the exact same thing my siblings and I used to do on shabbat when we were able to get the big commercial size containers of mayonnaise.
  Subject :Re:Creative Mayonnaise Recipes
03/22/2012 09:35 
Joined: 04/15/2011 15:28
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I added this recipe for Lemony Garlic Mayonnaise yesterday. It's really good! Recipe #19125 Enjoy.
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