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  Subject :Yeminite Fava Beans...
11/14/2011 16:36 
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Many years ago, I was at a bar mitzvah in Gush Katif - the family was Yemenite. Among the foods served was a dish made with dried favas, served whole, in their skins. They were cooked in an amazing spice blend that coated the skins - you ate them by popping them into your mouth.

I was too young to know to ask for the recipe, and I have looked far and wide for a similar recipe.

Maybe someone on this board knows and can share?


  Subject :Re:Yeminite Fava Beans...
11/17/2011 13:50 
LeahS [Admin]
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We asked your question on twitter and the response was - it's called Fuul. Cook it in water and spice it up. Will try to get a specific recipe.
  Subject :Re:Yeminite Fava Beans...
11/17/2011 14:04 
LeahS [Admin]
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This is another response: Yemenite recipe: the dried fava  beans (ful) are soaked overnight, drained, dry roasted on a cast iron pan, salt added.
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