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How to Search by Recipe Number?   by smartcookie on 03/13/2012 09:23
How to Link to a Recipe?   by Dumbledore [Admin] on 02/07/2011 11:46
  Subject :searching for recipes
12/28/2010 14:01 
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Ok, I'm a bit confused of how to search for recipes.
Do i look at the newly posted ones on the bottom of the recipe page or how to I use the feature on top? someone HELP!
  Subject :Re:searching for recipes
12/29/2010 13:32 
Dumbledore [Admin]
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For a simple SEARCH you ignore the search option bar (you can click the arrows to hide it). Just type in what you're looking for in the top search box that appears on every page on the website.
You can use the drop down menu in the search box to speficy ALL RECIPES, INGREDIENT, MEMBERS...

The SEARCH OPTION is a more advance way of searching
1.Once you put in a recipe that your looking for in the regular search box ex: COOKIE. You can then use the SORT option to sort your results by date, rating, review... Or you can FILTER your results by preparations, occasion.... Remember to click SUBMIT to see the effects of your sort/ filter. You then will see results that match the categories that you picked.

2. You can do the same as above but without searching anything. You can click on the RECIPE tab and see all the recipes on the database. You can then FILTER and SORT ALL RECIPES


If you want to find recipes that match 2 categories you pick one category on the right side of the recipe mixer and one on the left. Say your looking for a main dish thats good for everyday. The results would show you only recipes that match both.
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