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How to Search by Recipe Number?   by smartcookie on 03/13/2012 09:23
How to Link to a Recipe?   by Dumbledore [Admin] on 02/07/2011 11:46
  Subject :Search idea
02/05/2011 15:39 
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My favorite recipe is and the biggest reason is for their wonderful ingredient search. I would SO MUCH appreciate it if you could add the same kind of search, listing ingredients desired, ingredients NOT desired, and other key words. You can see it here:
  Subject :Re:Search idea
02/05/2011 19:28 
LeahS [Admin]
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We have it :)
Click the recipe bar on top. Filter by ingredient. You can add as many ingredients you want or don't want by putting a comma after the ingredient. You can include or exclude the ingredients. When you done, just click submit and the recipes will come up on the bottom.
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