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  Subject :Soft Gefilta Fish
12/26/2010 15:01 
Joined: 12/13/2010 16:35
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The question about gefilta fish got me thinking. Anyone know why gefila fish comes out too soft and watery and other times its stiff and firm?
  Subject :Re:Soft Gefilta Fish
12/26/2010 15:56 
Joined: 12/13/2010 21:04
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i think it may have to do with how high the water is boiling. Too high makes it tough?
  Subject :Re:Soft Gefilta Fish
12/26/2010 18:05 
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Too watery isn't either good.
  Subject :Re:Soft Gefilta Fish
12/27/2010 20:53 
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I had the same question for so many years... My gefilte fish always came out different. Finally after cooking it for 10 yrs or so, i learned what it is that makes the difference.
1st of all use a pot that will give enough space for the log to 'breath'.
2nd, it depends on how long you cook the fish. An hour of high boil will give you stiff fish, longer cooking time with more of a simmer will give you soft more watery. Play around with the timing and intensity of the boil and see how you like it best!
Good Luck
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